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The book has several divisions and each division has a section of a short novella 'Free Women' by omniscient narrator and sections of diaries Anna, the protagonist, keeps. Now, as a matter of principle I do not If you know me, you can guess that it has nothing to do with respect of privacy or anything, just that people are often more judgmental and critical in their personal diaries.

Not so free women That is problem with Anna. Either she is surrounded by lousy people all around or she is lying when she says she doesn't easily dislike a person. In fact, she can be highly useful friend for women - she is like this litmus paper which turns red on seeing every guy that is going to be bad relationship.

If she finds a guy charming, you can be sure he is either a bully or suffers from some neurological disorder, the degree of which is can be ascertained by how quickly she sleeps with him - her normal average being three pages and two nights. I have no problem with her sexual life, but I have a problem with over-analysis and complaints that follows in next few pages when relationship has fallen apart.

Reading those diaries like being a platonic friend of a woman who just had a breakup. And you do not need to overanalyse the thing, since most of the men are married. Think of it, a married guy wants to sleep with her the first time they meet feeling no guilt for his wife - what are chances he is going to respect a woman who is prepared to sleep with him first time she met him, herself feeling no guilt towards his wife. I mean just think of it, won't it be a disappointment if you and your significant other were just sleeping together?

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Even new born babies sleep together, there is nothing wrong in that. And assuming you want something vague, shouldn't it rather be called staying up together? And, while we are on subject, why do you have to be vague at all? Of course, one would think it is modesty, people want to hide their achievements, the way Indians are modest when it comes to declaring their income for tax purposes, right? But no, that is not the case, for you see, people use sexual jargon like 'fuck' as much and as uselessly as the word 'the'. We use it to describe almost anything, that is anything except the very act it is suppose to describe.

In fact, when a woman wants to reject a pass made on her, she might easily say in anger 'fuck you' when that is exactly opposite of what she means.

Doris Lessing Interview with Bill Moyers

I wonder what linguists and psychologists have to say to that! She decides she will live independent of man. So does her sister. The two women are 'free women' giving the title to a short novella contained within the book. A joke really, since while Anna lets herself being controlled by men in her life, her sister believes she is being controlled by I mean get some perspective - the boy lost his eyesight at twenty! And he is sitting in his room making no demands. Where is control in that? I actually started getting the feeling that the two women actually are looking for bullies.

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The sister sleeps again with a man who singing abuses to her just after last time they did - because she can't helping pitying the puppy face the menake when theywho come asking for sex. Why I don't I find women like that? Anna darling actually finds all normal guys she comes across boring. And it is not just heterosexual men, but then according to her homosexual men are not proper men.

Grass Is Singing: A Novel

And will badly influence her daughter. But then to be fair, she doesn't entertain verry high opinions of homosexual women either - she won't join her sister not-so-kind mankind because it is being lesbian in mind if not body. I thought we could be friends - same intreste, you know. It heterosexual women and gay men I don't like - what is so possibly so attractive about a man's body? But what the hell is all that about?

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That woman need someone to live for, while men can live freely and this lets men control them? Because Anna is either needing to care for her daughter or have a man in her life. In fact, Anna's sister seem to think that all the individualism their generation has gained is meaningless and the next generation should have married in twenties.

On balance, Anna does make some telling observations - comparatively very few from experience though she herself refuses to learn from them. So much about women liberation. Communism Now diaries - there are four to begin with, each with a cover of different color. The Black notebook, is about her experience as author.

Richard Aldington: Death of a Hero (1929)

A bit of good writing here about artist struggling against commercialisation of his work. For most part, Anna dwells on her African experience, which was source of her book. Her African experience makes a fine satire of joke communist revolution was in Africa, some semi-rich white people led by a couple of bullies busy having good time. In red one she records her political life, her disillusionment with communism - she meets lots of people obviously sleeps with some - but this is still best part of novel. She draws her fears about McCarthyism which, if you ask me, is a perfect example of people wanting to punish thought crime.

She is disillusioned as she slowly comes to understand that like any mass organization, communist party depeneds on a system of illusions developed by resisting vocabulary and forcing the language of all discussion into a few words and slogans. The anti-intellectual nature of communism must have affected Anna's self-image - which might be part of reason behind her failed relationships. There are some other brilliant observations made by Anna, who is strangely so clever when it comes to observing politics.

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  5. These two diaries are best part of the book. In a yellow one she writes a novel in which the heroine tries to fictionalize part of her own experience a failed relationship of course.

    In the blue one she keeps a personal diary - meetings with her therapists etc. I have no idea what the Golden Notebook which she undertook to write in an effort to unite other four was about. May Anna Karenina. Look it seems to be a favorite novel among so many great novelists - Nabokov, Faulkner, Kundra, Joyce even Dostoevsky but I happen to be more in agree Look it seems to be a favorite novel among so many great novelists - Nabokov, Faulkner, Kundra, Joyce even Dostoevsky but I happen to be more in agreement with Rebecca West when she says, "And plainly Anna kareinna was written simply to convince Tolstoy that there was nothing in this expensive and troublesome business of adultery" If you read novels to be at somewhere and sometime else and don't mind that place to be boring this will work for you.

    It is a perfect chronicle of its times. The trouble is I happened to be a very sensual reader. You see I am a book-izer and date a lot of books at same time, and take different books to dinner and bed on same day. Whenever I see a book anywhere I start imagining myself in bed with it and can't help running my hand on its body. And above all, there must be very good reasons if the relationship is to last more than a few days.

    Unfortunately this one happens to feel like a long, stale marriage. I guess that is the real theme of the book rather than adultery. The subject has occupied minds of people for so long that there aren't too many new jokes I can make about it, I mean the best ones like how in case of a murder, the victim's spouse is the foremost suspect are already taken. Moreover, I don't fully understand the concept of marriage - this once I was about to congratulate this newly wed couple but I was just trying to imagine their life after marriage before the chance to do so occurred and ended up saying "condolences".

    That because "May your souls rest in peace" seemed like hoping for too much. The reason being that I think of 'being alive' to mean to let your feel all sort of things. Now once a person gets married, S he is expected not to feel attracted, fall in love etc outside marriage. And so to that extent the person is dead. And of course, there are all the sacrifces you are supposed to make for your children etc a lot of people are into that too!

    Now, it is just the kind of thing that if it wasn't for sake of habit, people would have given up long ago.