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  1. The Second Christ, Saint Francis of Assisi and Ecological Consciousness
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Saint Francis Taming the Wolf

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The Second Christ, Saint Francis of Assisi and Ecological Consciousness

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The First Life of St. Francis

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Salem Press , articles on Miller v. Just a brief scan down the table of contents shows where this little catechism is going with its argument. Was St. Francis a pacifist? Francis a friend of Islam? Francis an ecologist? The fact-based answers given to each of these questions will leave the reader not only with a substantial amount of historical knowledge of the life of Francis of Assisi, but also the ability to explain to others that the popular image of St.

Francis as all of the above is simply, well, not in accord with reality, like many other aspects of ecclesiastical life today. When they are unable to slander the figures of the saints, they at least try to diminish their supernatural value[. The most serious case of the falsification of a saint is certainly that of the very well-known son of Pietro di Bernardone[.