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Topics in Physical Mathematics | Kishore Marathe | Springer

JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview. Presents a self-contained book that includes the basic material in physics and mathematics, prior to a discussion of their interaction Demonstrates how various physical theories have played a crucial role in recent developments in mathematics, in particular, in geometric topology Theories that are not yet accepted as physical theories are used, when they have led to new ideas and results in mathematics see more benefits. Buy eBook.

Journal of Geometry and Symmetry in Physics

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Bundles and Connections Pages Marathe, Prof. Characteristic Classes Pages Marathe, Prof.

The very presence of D-branes renders space non commutative. Non commutative geometry is a hot topic in String theory research. All the noncommutative geometry approach to the standard model in Connes framework has nothing to do with string theory.

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That string theory is so intimately interrelated with qft that one is forced to treat string theory within the context of qft may be true, I do not know. The converse obviously is not true. It is possible but not natural to incorporate supersymmetry in this framework, but there is certainly no equivalence. A prediction that was immediately ruled out by Femilab, even before LHC.

Now one could argue whether Connes-like noncommutativity could be embedded in string theory.

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  • So I was happy that it was ruled out pretty instantly. It seemed way too much like a UV Lorentz-violating theory, but maybe I am forgetting.

    Urs: thank for the references. I did not know them so I will have a close look before commenting further.

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    The fermions are the basis of this finite dimensional Hilbert space, the bosons including the Higgs are obtained as gauge fields using a noncommutative generalization of a connection. I do not see super particles there. But I have to study your reference. Yatima and also: the prediction of the Higgs was indeed around GeV the uncertainty is mainly due to the uncertainty in the Top mass , and it has been ruled out by Tevratron in This has been made smoother in a successive paper of Chamseddine, Connes and v.

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    Perspectives in Physical Mathematics

    Physical Mathematics and the Future Posted on June 27, by woit. One reason that Moore gave for this I found surprising, the idea that most mathematicians are not as fully blessed with the opportunities for pursuing their research that many theoretical physicists enjoy. This entry was posted in Strings 2XXX. Bookmark the permalink. June 28, at am.

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